StoichTutor: Have Your Students Learn Stoichiometry Online

Project Information

Practice with intelligent computer tutors, explore solved problems, and study instructional videos

Are you interested in giving your students an opportunity to learn and practice stoichiometry using web-based tutors? And, at the same time, participate in a learning science experiment? Your students will use special web-based intelligent tutors known as Example-Tracing Tutors, a derivative of Cognitive Tutors that have been successfully used in over 2000 schools across the United States, to help them learn stoichiometry. You can either have your students use the tutors as an in-class exercise or as homework.

To have your students participate, contact Dr. Bruce McLaren by clicking the 'Contact Us' button on the right. Dr. McLaren will discuss with you a good time period for your students' participation. To then start working with the problems, your students will go to a provided URL to register and start the work. The full set of problems takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete.